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Puning, Chaozhou, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Shunde, Zhanjiang, etc. after 10 days of hard work, the order completion rate reached 191%, the deposit was nearly 2million, and the sales volume was nearly 10million

Cadbury "Guangdong urban Internet marketing" six city linkage

Puning, Chaozhou, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Shunde, Zhanjiang, etc. after 10 days of hard work, the order completion rate reached 191%, and the deposit was nearly 2million, The excellent performance of nearly 10million sales came to an end a few days ago, and Cadbury has once again become a high-quality customized Wall brand that consumers trust and choose. Among them, Guangdong Puning team created a proud performance of breaking through 130 single stores, and won the elite signing this event! During the event, good news came frequently, which was exciting! Cadbury's iron army attacked, invincible! Now let's have a look at them

Puning store

Puning Cadbury team completed 130 orders in 10 days, with a completion rate of 260%. How did they do it? Puning Cadbury team achieved refined team management under the guidance of teacher long. Through the refined management of objectives, the management of process indicators, and the implementation of supervised management, it focused on the construction of multi-channel. During the activity, decoration companies appeared one after another with 5 orders and 10 orders! In addition, it also aims to start the refined operation of customers, seriously serve every customer, grasp every resource, improve the efficiency of customer transformation, achieve the effect of doubling performance, create 130 single stores in the event, and win the elite signing this event

Chaozhou store

after the Internet launch meeting, Chaozhou Cadbury team began to seize orders and seize the market. Cooperate with the decoration company, find the right goal, take the initiative in marketing, and through the efforts of the team, Chaozhou Cadbury team achieved a record of more than 95 orders, with a completion rate of 271%! I believe they will have greater breakthroughs in future activities

Shunde store

Shunde Cadbury team implements different strategic methods at each stage. The team obtains customers through multiple forms and channels. We will never let go of any potential customers. Even the water delivery aunt who is decorating her home also paid a deposit at the event site and entrusted us with the heavy trust of her home. It is the working philosophy that Shunde cabbage team has always pursued. Set a goal and be sure to win it, so the Shunde Cadbury team overfulfilled the target task, with 39 orders for a single store, with a completion rate of 130%

Shanwei store

the task is heavy and the time is short. In order to fully explore the potential of the clerks, all personnel of Shanwei Cadbury team participated in this internet marketing activity. Facing the clear goal, the Shanwei Cadbury team actively contacted multi-channel resources to obtain more customers. Through the efforts of the team, Shanwei Cadbury achieved a record of more than 31 single store orders, with a completion rate of 103%

Zhanjiang store

in this Internet activity, Zhanjiang Cadbury team took the way of all soldiers to sprint to the goal! In order to achieve their goals, they used their multi-channel resources to obtain customers, and gave full play to the spirit of fighting to the end and never letting go. Zhanjiang Cadbury team successfully won 28 tickets in this urban Internet activity, with a good completion rate of 186%

Jiangmen store

in order to better open the state, Jiangmen Cadbury team decided to adopt the E-marketing invitation and PK mechanism to enhance the employees' sense of purpose. In 10 days, they overfulfilled the established task goals, breaking through 22 orders in a single store, with a completion rate of 110%, which brought a successful end to this urban Internet animation

apply the experience summarized every time to the next work, add bricks to your qualifications, reserve solid strength for yourself, and become a better yourself. After the whole event, the hidden wolf nature of Cadbury sales team was stimulated, and the overall sales status was greatly improved compared with that before. The cities involved in this urban interconnection activity include Puning, Chaozhou, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Shunde, Zhanjiang, etc. during the 10 day event, all Cadbury's partners did not give up until the last minute, and achieved an order completion rate of 191%, received a deposit of nearly 2million, and a sales volume of nearly 10million, which witnessed the unity, mutual assistance and hard work of Cadbury's family in this interconnection activity! Let's continue our brilliance in the future. You are the best. Come on




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