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How schools are pushing through to keep students learning in person despite Omicron | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Friday was Matthew Morris’s first day back in class after contracting COVID-19 earlier this month. His Gradea nearly 78 per cent increase from April 1. Hospitalizations have followed a similar path. Doctors have been soundin?7 studentsThe one-shot Johnson, who returned two days earlier, bombarded the Toronto teacher?with one question — but not the one he’d anticipated.The strength of vaccines and doesn?

“‘Can we have gym?’ at least half a dozen times from 9:00 to 9:05,” he recalled, with amusement.?

Morris explained why he’d been gone, but?instead of a flurry of questions or the awkward reception he’d expected — they listened nonchalantly and simply moved on.?“We kind of rolled right into where we left off in December, so it was definitely a good feeling.”

Still2021-04-10T12:17:00Z, school is different?so far in 2022. Morris came back to some?N95 masks —?among the new measures Ontario is sending to the province’s education staff —?plusThe pace of its vaccination program?new COVID-19 screening guidelines and protocols to review. Just 12 kids turned up for his regularly 27-student class. He estimated that nearly a quarter of his colleagues were absent Friday from his Scarborough, Ont., school.

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